Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Field Office

When you call for me now, I'll be in the Field Office... in a room of my own... awash in memories of travels, dear friends, good books, and words, lots and lots of promising words.  I find myself studying pictures of older women, like the Inuit elders and a woman drinking coffee after finishing a solid morning's work.  No more collections of young hunter-women -- now, it's time for Recasting, Revisioning and Renewing the Vows to myself.
The stove is named Volcano -- really -- and it lives up to its name during the winter.
The window looks northwest to where the cold winds of winter blow.  I see sunsets, the garden, a pine and a cherry tree.  I hear birds, chipmunks, mice in the roof, and the contented beat of one human heart.


chris said...

you'll do amazing things here, my friend, and i can't wait to see them. save me that rocker, please.

gretchen said...

The rocker is yours! Maybe we'll have tea one day, with Volcano keeping us warm and the candles lighting our way.

I remember the first time we christened the Shed -you, Rick and Sarah. We cut typewriter ribbon across the door and sipped champagne.

Now that was a few lifetimes, ago.