Thursday, June 02, 2011

Gloria Steinem said: "The truth sets you free, but first it pisses you off." I agree...

Politics --The Personal, Cultural, Environmental, and Global

Fund the Arts, 
the National Writing Project, 
programs for social change and justice.

Single payer health system.
Choice for Women's Reproductive Health.
Planned Parenthood and global family planning.

Free, public education funded as if it mattered.
Money and respect for libraries, museums, and PBS.
The Liberal Arts as a way of building a tolerant world.

Diversity.  Ecology.  Wilderness.
Respect our place within the Web of Life.
Sustaining.  Conserving.  Preserving.  
Act responsibly for the sake of the future. 


No Eminent Domain Extended to Private, for-Profit Companies -- None

No Corporations Allowed to Take Public Lands for Their Own Projects/Profits

No Corporations/ Anyone Allowed to Destroy or Interrupt Wildlife Habitat and Corridors
This is just a taste of what is at stake.  Get pissed off ----
and join us.

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