Sunday, May 19, 2013


This blog entry comes from a course I'm taking right now through the New Hampshire Writers Project.  Mary Carroll Moore teaches about the structure of books:  "How to Plan, Write and Develop a Book"

She's just the right teacher with just the right content at just the right time for me. Her latest assignment:  Design your book cover.

She got me thinking as well:  What keeps me writing!


1.  Writing groups and supportive friends ~ 
generous, witty, intelligence.

2.  Making time for me and writing.

3.  My wonderful "field office" ~ the writing shed.

4.  Reading ~ A lifetime of reading.
Love of the Story!

5.  Barry.


6.  I love this big, big world ~ with all its contradictions.

7.  Children.  Young people.  Anyone under 25 
(maybe 30).

8.  My love of the natural world ~ wilderness.  

9.  My beliefs in social justice for all.
No exceptions.

10.  Writing with others ~ anywhere, any age and in any language.

11.  Teachers and programs from elementary school to now.
Sometimes the teacher, always the student.

12. Curiosity.  
Endless, boundless, fearless curiosity.

So, what do you think?  Favorite cover?  Not yet?  Stay tuned for more. 


chris said...

It's not surprising that you find inspiration in so many things - you do so much!! As for covers: first and third. And I love, love, love the font - and the D.

gretchen said...

Thank you! The font is Celtic hand and it fits the topic just right. I'm also favoring 1 + 3 and that very personal D. Cheers!

Joanne Davis said...

A cover for your story! Wonderful! I like the first and last...