Friday, October 05, 2012

SAVE BIG BIRD: Big Bird for President

Big Bird in Taiwan
As we might expect, Romney and the Republicans have it all wrong. Or, maybe they're just jealous of Big Bird's popularity.  After all, he's outpolling Romney right now.

Big Bird would make a great president.  He represents the best of America -- its children, its openness to new ideas, its compassion, diversity and kindness.  Big Bird tells the truth.  Big Bird is a good listener. Big Bird has presence, yet does not misuse his power or prestige.

Remember this the next time we send troops and drones, bankers and "company men" to speak for us -- rather than the peacemakers and Big Birds of the world.

We saw evidence of Big Bird's global influence in Hualien, Taiwan. That yellow bird is a highly successful diplomat and has certainly logged more miles abroad than Mitt Romney.  He's probably even better known than Romney! 

So, during the presidential debates I want to hear:  "Look, Big Bird did NOT cause the budget deficit."

Neither did "Masterpiece Theatre", "Frontline", "Mystery", POV -- and all the other programs on PBS.  We cannot keep blaming education, healthcare, Head Start, Medicare, Community Action Programs, the National Writing Project or any other thoughtful, people-oriented programs for sinking our economy.

Instead, go after the decades of War and own what THAT has cost us in money, people, and social justice.  

Go ahead.  I dare you. Tackle greed, banking practices, and power --who has it, who doesn't, and who and what really rots our country.  

Ask.  Where's the outrage?  Where's the change?  Why do we let the corruption go on?

One thing is sure:  Big Bird isn't a Republican.  Maybe that's why they want to take away his job.


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