Thursday, April 12, 2012


Echo Lake - Franconia, New Hampshire
I have been obsessed with the politics and bad news of the day to the point where I get depressed, sick, dispirited.  It's not the way to live a life.  I have to get outside into the natural world.  Beauty.  Mountains topped with snow.  Cold, clear lakes.  Blue, blue skies.  The crisp definition of trees just before they leaf out.  

This early April morning is testament enough -- birds returning to nest, buds about to burst, life bravely embracing the next step in its cycle and me, alive again and grateful to be connected to the terrifying beauty and mystery around me.

It's a comfort in a strange way.

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Cherie Blessing said...

This is my home territory, and it never fails to refresh my spirit. Once the bike trail was put in, I regularly took my walks on the trail. The Pemi washes your mind clean. Whenever I get back, I always stop to be thankful the mountains haven't moved and are still welcoming me home.