Monday, March 19, 2012


March 19.  Just before the Spring Equinox and we find ourselves with 70 degree weather.  From one day to the next, sprouts like these daffodils appear and then shoot up two inches or more in the uncanny sunshine.

We're a cautious folk in New Hampshire.  We know this kind of weather in March is a huge teaser.  "Wait until the big snow in April" we say and the audience shakes its collective head with the memories of apple blossoms drooping under heavy, wet snows.

But this is a new world where feeding the machine rules over common sense and caution, and where the collective memories no longer revere early Spring joys of tadpoles, vernal pools and the first peepers.  

In this new corporate world, I wonder about Resilience:  How to nurture resilience with dignity and truth.  How to spring back and not be crushed by what is happening to social justice, human rights, our environment, our souls.  

Mostly, I wonder how to keep celebrating what I know and love in a country gone mad.  I'm drawn into an ancient struggle and I hope to surprise myself with what I discover along the way.

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