Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

Smithsonian Museum.  Washington, D.C. 
The National Museum of the American Indian reads like a holocaust, a genocide, a sweep of colonial powers across a ravaged land.  Yet, there is the powerful message that the Earth endures even as its people fight and die and destroy what should be revered.  

Now, over two hundred years later, our ancestors still speak the truth. What we must do is listen.  Heed the words.  Act from those "better places" in our heart.

My Prayer for Earth Day
"I am alone in the woods.  
I find solace, safety and beauty there.  
I rest in the knowledge that our ancestors were born here.  
I am grateful to be Home."

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chris said...

a beautiful message for Earth Day. I've never heard this prayer before but I'll remember it now!