Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Here's one of Barry's photos to mark the season. For the past few years, we have set our Christmas tree on the deck where it serves as shelter to red squirrels, birds and an occasional mouse. One year, the tree became a nesting site for two mourning doves and we watched that miracle of small eggs later hatch into a new brood.

I am thinking about Winslow Homer who said: "In the end, what matters most is the Sea."

I'm asking myself, "In the end, what matters most is _________" and I don't know, yet. Ask yourself this question and send me your comments.


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chris said...

since i read your post two weeks ago, ive been mulling over the question you posed. ive decided what matters most is peace - not just peace on earth, but peace in our communities, in our homes, and in each of our hearts. a peaceful state frees us up to be creative and compassionate, and to focus our attention not on our own issues but on the needs of others.

oddly enough, the sea is a place i go to find that inner peace - so maybe homer was on to something.

a close second in the what-matters-most catagory is a good friend who inspires, commiserates, and delights. merry christmas back to you, my friend.